Q & A (Question and Answer)


Let's start with acquaintance - 2 Easy Fashion is the creative pseudonym of two artists - Paulius Miliauskas and Marius Lelka. This title encodes at least two things that everyone has to know:
1. 2 Easy Fashion treats communication more than anything else.
2. They transform this communication into a concept, although they are more like tomboys than conceptualists.

2 Easy was formed while studying sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, although master's studies wasn't completed, because teachers forbade to conclude the final work together. Already then they were noticed as number two followers. Perhaps their most significant work is always with them - the parts of number two that are tattooed on both artists' hands, which unite while shaking hands. Recently, this happens rarely. Paulius and Marius create 1000 km away from each other.

In this exhibition you can see how the double-headed unity communicate with letters - collages. The question asked inspires answer, and so the simple A4 sheet turns into a corporeal derivative, full of snippets of various experiences and ideas.

2 Easy understand each other and nothing else matters. We can graze our eyes also freely and easily like they do, and feel their mischievous laugh. 2 Easy does not expect the viewer to do anything else, because perhaps nothing else is possible. Only "perhaps" as even in their cultivating lightweight ideology can happen some self-made meaning, irony, (self) criticism and jocker's laughter. Because it's easy to recognize pop culture diseases that you have had, or maybe still have. Because Two this time is not just for each other. But for you too.

Jolanta Marcisauskyte - Jurasiene 


2Easy Fashion
"Q & A"

2017/08/31 - 09/21