Brone Mingilaite – Uogintiene was born in 1919 in Petrograd (Russia). Died in 1983 in Vilnius. She graduated from Kaunas‘  Art School in 1940 and from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1943. She started presenting her works in art exhibitions in 1943.

„I would witness her painting process [...] she would place a stroke here and there – and everything would come into existence.  It was like the creation of the world. And then you look – everything is there: and shape, and structure, and technique, and colour. It is born from a truly playful fundament, from play. Where, it seems, there is neither a beginning nor an end, but the appearance of some mood.  Forces of some sort of a spiritual mood.  The emergence of creation. An artist with the power of creation [...] She was an artist par excellence. Was and still is. And it seemed like she wasn‘t searching for much. For example, in her flowers - the flower seems to have just been haphazardly sketched, but the flower takes up such a place both in color and line, sometimes incomplete, that you want to pick it up as though it had fallen out of the vase – it is so alive, so valuable in the context of life and art. “

Juozas Miltinis

Brone Mingilaite Uogintiene

Bronė Mingilaitė Uogintienė

"Ramūnės", 1958, mišri technika ant drobės, 80x100, 2500€

Bronė Mingilaitė Uogintienė

Mergaitės portretas, 1959, aliejus ant drobės, 69x54, 2300€