Lena Khvichia
"On a bridge"
2017/11/09 - 2018/02/20

Among the artists of her generation, who have started manifesting themselves in the artistic life already in the new century, Lena Khvichia reveals herself as a creative and undoubtedly gifted painter, interpreting in her own manner the Lithuanian coloristic painting tradition and the abstract painting aesthetics. Hardly anyone could reproach her of following any of her teachers or renowned authorities.  She has discovered an adequate plastic expression best suiting her temperament and inner vision.  Lena is an emotional artist; however her works are very constructive and well balanced in terms of the composition, which disciplines, restrains her hand’s movements and the broad strokes. Lena Khvichia’s paining is distinguished by the fact that her works, usually of the tranquil surface facture, never seem flat, they are seen as if having depth, third dimension, even though the paintings only vaguely imply the objects of the real world. It is important that even in her most abstract works the essential layer is felt to this or that extent; these are reflections of subconscious impressions and moods experienced by the author.