Preludes to Čiurlionis was the fourth exhibition and the final stage of continuous art project Colour Contexts dedicated to the research of the colour phenomenon. This series took longest to complete and posed the greatest challenge. I have somewhat naturally and intuitively systemised what I have “learned” in the area of colour plasticity, the knowledge that might serve as a starting point for future creative endeavours. In this series I investigated halftones of several separate colours and have reduced the chromatic scale to the greatest extent.

         This has been an intuitive movement, but looking in retrospect I might say that I have unconsciously travelled the same path as the artists (Klee, Kandinsky and Čiurlionis) discussed in my dissertation. Colour reduction was the result of my art project.

          The last observation caused the greatest amazement, since I have deliberately abstained from copying or “borrowing” colour solutions (although, just like the painters I researched, I have sought for inspiration in nature’s colours). Such conclusion of the project served me as a proof that the chosen study model Research that Informs Art Practice actually works.


Deima Katinaite

"Preludes to Ciurlionis"


2016 04 07 - 04 27